Poll: Should Powerball Winner Pay Girlfriend?

Credit: Thinkstock

More money, more problems…

Earlier this year, Pedro Quezada, of New Jersey, found out he’d won the $338 million Powerball jackpot. But now his girlfriend, Inez Sanchez, wants some of that mean green, too.

Quezada’s lawyer says Sanchez has no right to the money because the two were never married; however, Sanchez’s attorney claims the ticket was purchased with the couple’s shared earnings.

Last week, a New Jersey judge denied Sanchez’s request to freeze Quezada’s lottery winnings because “the court has no legal framework for restraining Quezada’s assets,” according to the Associated Press.

The couple is no longer living together and Sanchez has recently filed a domestic violence claim against Quezada, who has spent his winnings on a $300,000 house and sent $57 million to the Dominican Republic.

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