Report Calls for More Diverse Leaders

Data released by the Reflective Democracy Campaign seeks to call attention to America’s political power demographic.

Researchers took a hard look at who leads the country and found that 95 percent of 2,400 elected prosecutors nationwide are white.

Seventy nine percent are men, shining light on the structural bias of the criminal justice system. Researchers also found that out of more than 2,400 elected prosecutors, just 1 percent are women of color.

Here are a few more key findings from the report.

In 14 states, all elected prosecutors are white
16 percent of white women are prosecutors
4 percent of prosecutors of men of color
On ballots nationwide, 2 of every 3 names belong to a white man

Despite America’s changing demographic, 96 percent of Republicans and 82% of Democrats on the ballot are white. Men are 49 percent of the population, but are 76 percent of Republican candidates and 67 percent of Democratic candidates.

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