1 Officer Dead, 3 Injured in Separate Shootings

A San Antonio police officer was fatally wounded Sunday in an apparent ambush-style slaying, NPR reports.

Another ambush, this time in St. Louis, occurred the same day. Officials said that shooting left an officer in critical condition and a suspect dead. Two other police officers were also shot and wounded Sunday in separate incidents.

In Gladstone, MO. an officer was wounded after an encounter with a suspect who was shot and killed. One officer in Sanibel, FLA was shot during a traffic stop.

The fatal attack in San Antonio took place during a traffic stop that morning, when 50-year-old Detective Benjamin Marconi was shot while in his patrol car.

“The 20-year police veteran was killed outside of the San Antonio Police headquarters after pulling over a vehicle just before noon,” Palacios of Texas Public Radio reported. “While parked, a black Mitsubishi Galant drove up behind him. The driver of that car got out, approached the driver’s side of Marconi’s patrol car and opened fire, shooting him twice in the head. Marconi died at a nearby military hospital.”

The suspect is still at large, but San Antonio police released a photo of a Black man in his 20s and said a manhunt is currently underway. Authorities are looking for a Mitsubishi Galant, as well as for any witnesses.

A St. Louis police sergeant was shot twice in the face while sitting in his patrol car. According to reports, the officer was not involved in a call or traffic stop, but was sitting in traffic around 7:30 p.m. Sunday when another vehicle pulled up alongside his marked police car. The 46-year-old officer was then shot by an individual in the other vehicle, who shot out the patrol car’s window.

The officer, who is in critical condition, is expected to survive. A male suspect, who police say was wanted for violent crimes, was subsequently killed in a shootout with police.

The Sanibel shooting left a police officer wounded in a drive-by shooting around 8 p.m. ET on Sunday while sitting in his patrol car after a routine traffic stop. The officer has been treated and released. Officials say this is the first time a Sanibel officer has been shot in the line of duty.

Gladstone, Missouri’s incident left an officer shot in a struggle after a traffic stop.

“According to Kansas City police, who were called to assist Gladstone police, a passenger ran from the vehicle after it was stopped about 10:30 p.m. Sunday. Officers pursued the suspect on foot and attempted to take the person into custody. Police say a struggle followed and the suspect produced a handgun,” The Kansas City Star writes. “Shots were fired and the officer received non-life-threatening injuries and the suspect was shot and killed.”

Whether the attacks in Sanibel and Gladstone were targeted police attacks remains unclear. Authorities say San Antonio’s cop killing and the St. Louis shooting are being treated as such.