Police Dog Released on HBCU Student

Credit: Thinkstock

You know that JET keeps an eye on cases that have our community up in arms.

This story, out of Norfolk, Va., definitely fits into that category.  The Potomac Local is reporting that Norfolk police allegedly set their dog on a young female Army reservist  and Norfolk State University sophomore who rebuffed their attempts to talk to her about a fight at an off-campus party.  One of London Colvin’s relatives, speaking to the newspaper shared the following:

“She was at a party off campus. She said that a fight broke out, and she had nothing to do with the fight. She did say she was at the party, and her and her friends were leaving,” explained Whitney Dunn, Colvin’s cousin. “She was definitely being loud – she did admit to that.”

It is then alleged that officers released a canine unit on Colvin.  A representative from the department paints a different picture of Colvin’s behavior and the encounter with the police dog, telling the Potomac Local:

“There was an officer that was attempting to place the woman in custody for disorderly conduct,” Daniel Hudson stated.  “When [the officer] tried to place her in custody, she became combative against the officer. Another officer attempted to restrain her, but again, there were multiple people around, so the canine officer deployed the dog to restrain the woman so nobody would get hurt.”

The wounds are graphic and, if you can stomach it, you can see images HERE.  We will continue to follow developments on this story.