NJ Police Chase Kid In Case of Mistaken Identity

Credit: Thinkstock

A terrified 10-year-old boy had guns drawn on him after being chased down by cops in a case of mistaken identity.

Legend Preston was left crying and emotionally scarred after the August 14th encounter. In a video posted to his mother Patisha Preston’s Facebook page, Legend appears to be extremely affected by the confrontation.

“They tried to shoot me….the cops,” a shaken up Legend uttered to his mom.

“A 10-year-old child with guns drawn on him by the Newark police and the best they can tell me is go make a report if I have something to say about it,” Patisha angrily states in the video.

Family members of Legend say he was standing outside his home when cops who were originally chasing a robbery suspect began to chase Legend into and alley behind his house.

Preston says that neighbors and friends in the area formed a human shield around him to protect him from the police. His mother said that police told her that the child matched the description of who they were looking for.

“They chased down my 10-year-old son with loaded shotguns ready to shoot because they said he matched the description of the over 6 foot tall man, dark skin with long locs..which my son is none of,” Patisha said. “They had pictures of the perp whom was in eyesight running down the next block!!! Yet they broke off from chasing the perp to chasing my child.”

A Newark Police Department spokesman told reporters that although responding officers had their guns drawn, they never aimed their weapons at Legend.

Police officials say 20-year-old Casey Joseph Robinson, the thief they were chasing, was captured and is now facing armed robbery charges.