Racial Fake Caller Controversy Hits Philly Station


A scandal at Philadelphia sports radio station 97.5 The Fanatic, in which a phony Black caller was created that many listeners found offensive has resulted in the suspension of a producer and two other employees.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Pat Egan, program director Matt Nahigian and on-air personality Jason Myrtetus were all suspended for three days after it was discovered that a character created and voiced by Egan, “Dwayne from Swedesboro,” who perpetuated racial stereotypes on a show hosted by radio host Mike Missanelli, who co-hosts with Myrtetus.

The Inquirer confirmed that the fake caller had been calling into Missanelli’s show and other shows for more than a year. The made up character even had a Twitter account created (which has been deleted), that further perpetuated the stereotypes. But Egan’s radio gag began to unravel when the website matched the photo on the Twitter account to the photo of a Black man seen on Egan’s Facebook page.

Egan admitted that the character was his own concoction and that Missanelli was never in on the character, saying it was a “big inside joke.”

Myrtetus reportedly also knew that the phony character was calling into the show, but said that it was one of many radio bits that have been done at the station. Meanwhile, Nahigian is scheduled to meet with Philadelphia Black Lives Matter representatives, but it is unclear exactly where or when. ESPN’s Bomani Jones lit into Egan’s conjuring of the character with a series of tweets about the creation of the character and the racial overtones that resulted.

No apology has come from Egan, so far. He, Nahigian and Myrtetus are scheduled to return to work on Wednesday.

Image: Pat Egan. Twitter