Pepsi Is Facing MAJOR Backlash From Their Latest Ad With Kendall Jenner

Today, Pepsi unveiled its latest commercial which features Kendall Jenner. It’s obvious they were trying to tie in a message about the current political and social climate and how it relates to their soft drink, but they missed the mark, completely.

The ad plays the song “Lions” by Skip Marley and shows people at some type of rally where they’re carrying signs which say “peace” and “join the conversation.” At the same time, there are other people who look sad like a man playing the cello and a women in a hijab going through photo contact sheets. Once they both join the march, they appear to be happy.

Here’s where Jenner come in. She’s shown wearing fancy business clothes and a blonde wig. While watching the march, she decides to join and rips off her wig and wipes off her lipstick.

While marching, she goes up to a cop and hands him a Pepsi. And cut.

It’s not the fact that Pepsi is trying to highlight the resistance movement currently taking place while trying to sell their product. It’s that they went about this commercial the wrong way. There was a way to get the proper message across without saying “Pepsi cures all.”

This is surprising coming from a brand like Pepsi since they always seem to be on-trend while also being creative.

Take a look at the commercial for yourself.