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Other Zimmerman Jurors Break Silence

By//L’Oreal Thompson

Now that Juror B37 in the George Zimmerman trial has spoken her piece, four of the five remaining jurors have made it clear she does not represent their views.

On Monday, evening Juror B37 spoke to CNN anchor Anderson Cooper about her thoughts surrounding the case and Jurors B51, B76, E6 and E40 issued the following statement on Tuesday:

“The opinions of Juror B37, expressed on the Anderson Cooper show were her own, and not in any way representative of the jurors listed below … Serving on this jury has been a highly emotional and physically draining experience for each of us. The death of a teenager weighed heavily on our hearts but in the end we did what the law required us to do.”

The jurors did not, however, explain which parts of Juror B37’s statements they disagreed with, according to AP, and they also made a request for privacy.