O’Reilly: Black Lives Matter is ‘Killing Americans’

Wednesday night, FOX News host Bill O’Reilly dedicated one of his segments to the Black Lives Matter movement, and if it wasn’t Bill, it would be a reason to celebrate.

But in good ole O’Reilly fashion, the O’Reilly Factor host blamed the movement for “killing Americans.”

Citing reports of rising murder rates in some of the U.S.’ largest cities, O’Reilly blamed the increase of what some refer to as the “Ferguson effect,” a theory that heightened scrutiny of police actions after 18-year-old Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson, Missouri, has made police officers reluctant to pursue crimes.

“Thousands more Americans are being murdered because police are being more passive since the Ferguson situation and the Black Lives Matter protests,” said O’Reilly.

The International Business Times states that there is little evidence of a “new crime wave.” Several media outlets also reported that the “Ferguson effect” is unfounded.

O’Reilly said the real problem is a “violent subculture” in Black communities that has been encouraged by the Black Lives Matter movement.

He also believes that the media has been purposely not covering crimes committed by Black men.

“Blacks of all ages commit homicide at a rate of eight times higher than whites and Hispanics combined,” he said. “Conclusion: There is a violent subculture in the African-American community that should be exposed and confronted.”

Oh brother.

No matter how expected these theories are, it’s still very sad to hear that some would rather focus on a movement versus eradicating reasons for its existence.