Ohio Man Fired for Loc Hairstyle

An Ohio man claims his shoulder-length hair got him fired from a summer job at Cedar Point amusement park before he even started working.

20-year-old Charles Craddock says he was offered the position after interviewing with the company via Skype. Craddock says he also attended orientation for the gig.

“I actually asked her about it because I read over the guidelines,” he said according to New York Daily News. “So I asked her, ‘Will it be a problem with my hair?’ and she said, ‘No, as long as you keep it pinned up when you’re working,'” he added.

After being given the green light, the Cleveland resident packed up his belongings and moved into the Sandusky park’s dorms. But he claims he was then told at his first training session to cut his hair off to comply with staff regulations.

The rules state that male workers’ hair must be shorter than collar-length. The policy also bans ponytails and extreme haircuts.

Craddock has been growing his locs for four years. He says cutting it off would be equivalent to “losing a part” of himself. So just a day after moving in, he packed up to move back home with his parents.

Craddock’s mother Melima said she was “frustrated” with the park’s hiring process.

“He wants to work. That’s his goal. And they’ve kind of taken that away from him.”

Craddock had planned to use his wages to pay for his auto mechanics tuition.