Police Mistook Slain Officer For Threat

More details are unfolding as law enforcement officials attempt to piece together what led up to the shooting death of a Prince George’s County police officer.

Officer Jacai Colson, an undercover cop in plain clothes at the time of the shooting, was deliberately fired at by another officer after being mistaken for a threat.

But the department’s chief says he does not believe the officer who killed Colson meant to.

“I do not for a second believe that this was a police officer intentionally firing at another police officer,” said Chief Hank Stawinski, Prince George’s County Police Department.

Colson lost his life when 22-year-old Michael Ford attempted to execute a rampage outside of Prince George’s County police station Sunday. Ford is facing 25 charges, including attempted murder for the plot.

He enlisted his brothers, Malik and Elijah, to record the incident because he thought he would not survive. They were denied bond during a hearing on Wednesday.

Each person has been charged with first degree assault and attempted murder.

The officer who fired the shot has not provided a statement. His or her identity has also not been released to the public.

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