Officer Not Indicted in Death of Jonathan Ferrell

NC officer not indicted in death of FAMU football player Jonathan Ferrell.
AP Photo

A North Carolina grand jury has decided not to indict Charlotte police officer Randall Kerrick in the death of Florida A&M University football player Jonathan Ferrell.

Ferrell, 24, was shot 10 times and killed in September 2013 while he was seeking assistance following a car accident. The FAMU player went to a nearby house for help, but the homeowner called 911 because she didn’t recognize Ferrell.

Officers responded to the scene and Ferrell reportedly ran toward the officers; however, when he did not stop, they used a Taser. Kerrick, 28, allegedly shot Ferrell, who was unarmed, 10 times. Ferrell died at the scene.

The three-year police veteran was later charged with voluntary manslaughter for allegedly shooting Ferrell, who was unarmed.

The jury has asked the state’s attorney general’s office to “refile the case with lesser charges” after determining there wasn’t sufficient evidence to move forward with the case, according to NBC News.

Prosecutors reportedly plan to resubmit the case because all of the 18 grand jurors were not present for the decision. But it is unclear if they plan to keep the original voluntary manslaughter charge or refile with lesser charges, as recommended.

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We admit we are at a loss for words here.  So, the lesson seems to be from this case, and that of Renisha McBride, do not be Black, injured and seeking help.  What do you think of this outcome?  Please tell us in comments.