Officer Files Lawsuit against Police Department

Credit: Thinkstock

In a lawsuit filed by Philadelphia police sergeant Brandon Ruff, he lists two sprained wrists and two sprained shoulders as the result of police brutality.

According to, Ruff, a veteran officer with Philly’s 16th precinct, filed suit at the U.S. District Court in Philadelphia detailing the exchange between him and the city’s 35th District officers when turning in three handguns, under the “no-questions asked” policy.

However, it is stated that the policy is only acceptable when it is a part of the ‘buyback’ program. After failing to show state ID but informing officers that he was carrying his work ID, suspicions grew.

As explained in the civil suit, the situation allegedly led to a scuffle where Tasers were held to Ruff’s chest with threats of activation along with his arm being twisted behind his back resulting in wrists and shoulder sprains.

Sgt. Ruff described his treatment as “willfully, wantonly, maliciously, intentionally, outrageously, deliberately and/or by conduct so egregious as to shock the conscience.”

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