Obamacare Punishment For Slavery?

AP Photo

After posting a sign stating “Obamacare America’s Punishment For Slavery Years,” owner Johnny Howard of the Arkansas restaurant, Smokin’ Joe’s Ribhouse, apologizes for the racially insensitive sign. Even though it was only up for 45 minutes, patrons and community members found it very disturbing and it was then replaced with a more appropriate sign, “Why Cook? Get Some Carry Out.”

Howard told 40/29 News that he didn’t intend for it to be racist at all, and apologize for the sign. But with a statement like that, you have to know it will stir some controversy. He assured viewers, however, that his problem was not with Obama or any particular individual for that matter and solely about the Affordable Care Act alone. Howard feels it was just the way in which he worded things that got people so upset.

Since the public display of his political opinion, his restaurant has received some backlash and he certainly feels he learned his lesson for moving forward. Wow.