About that Obama Selfie

AFP Photo/Roberto Schmidt

It was the selfie seen around the world.

During the memorial service for former South African president Nelson Mandela on Tuesday, a few world leaders were spotted participating in the social media trend of the year: selfies.

Upon first glance, it appeared as though First Lady Michelle Obama was serving her hubby President Barack Obama some major side-eye. And who could blame her? After all, everyone was (presumably) there to honor the late anti-apartheid leader and a bit of decorum is to be expected.

The ubiquitious “Obama Selfie” features three world leaders: Obama, British Prime Minister David Cameron and Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt.

According to AFB photographer Roberto Schmidt, the picture was taken in good fun and Mrs. O was even joking with the dignitaries just moments before the flashbulb went off.

You know what they say, a picture, or in this case, a selfie, is worth a thousand words. To read the full story, as told by Schmidt, click here. Then take our poll and tell us what you think!