Obama Hits Another Milestone with Approval Rating

President Obama is going out with a bang.

As we approach the end of his final term, CNN reports that the president’s approval rating currently stands at 55%, the highest mark of his second term.

Among Black voters, 86% approve in the CNN/ORC poll, and combining last year’s data for both September and October, the number was identical among Blacks a year ago.

To gather approval ratings, a total of 1,501 adults were interviewed by telephone nationwide by live interviewers calling both landline and cell phones. Among the entire sample, 27% described themselves as Democrats, 24% described themselves as Republicans, and 49% described themselves as independents or members of another party.

All respondents were asked questions concerning basic demographics, and the entire sample was weighted to reflect national Census figures for gender, race, age, education, region of country, and telephone usage.

CNN also reports that the new rating outpaces President Obama’s previous second-term high—reached just after a Democratic convention that extolled the successes of his presidency—by one point, and hits a level he’s reached just twice since the end of his first year in office: in January 2013 just before his second inauguration and in January 2011.

Recently, POTUS continued to back up his commitment to criminal justice reform, granting a total of 324 commutations to federal inmates. The first round of 214 that were granted was the most commutations issued in a single day by any president.

While we hate to see him go, we are proud of the mark he continues to leave throughout his Presidency,