Obama Clown Banned From Rodeo

AP Photo

The Missouri State Fair on Monday permanently banned a rodeo clown whose imitation of President Barack Obama getting charged by a bull has been widely criticized as disrespectful.

Fair officials said the rodeo clown has been barred from ever performing at the fair again and they are also reviewing whether to take any actions against the Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association, the contractor that was responsible for Saturday’s event.

During the bull riding portion of the rodeo, a clown wore a mask of Obama and asked the spectators if they wanted to see “Obama run down by a bull.” Many in the audience responded enthusiastically.

The act was criticized by Democrats and Republicans alike after video and photos of the event were posted online. Some Democratic Missouri lawmakers suggested Monday that there should be financial consequences for the fair.

The fair said in a written statement announcing the rodeo clown’s ban that he had engaged in an “unconscionable stunt” that was “inappropriate and not in keeping with the Fair’s standards.”

The fair’s press release did not identify the clown.

The rodeo’s announcer sought Monday to distance himself from the clown’s actions.

Announcer Mark Ficken said through an attorney that the clown was wearing a live microphone and had given the announcer no advance notice about his skit. Ficken is president of the Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association and also is superintendent of the Boonville School District.

“He was as surprised as anyone with the appearance of an Obama-masked rodeo clown,” St. Louis attorney Albert Watkins said of his client.