Obama Adds $104M to ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ Program

AP Photo

President Obama announced Monday that an additional $100 million would be added to the “My Brother’s Keeper” campaign.

The program, which aims to reverse the challenges many minority men face, was introduced in February and initially garnered $200 million in funding.

Now several more non-profits and major corporations including NBA, AT&T, and Citi Foundation have signed on as financiers, bringing the total to more than $300 million.

The extra money is an “important next step in continuing to build ladders of opportunity for all and to highlight the President’s commitment to ensuring that all children have a fair shot to succeed in this country,” a White House official said to MSNBC.

At least 60 of the nation’s largest school districts have already committed to the program. That represents 40 percent of Black and Latino boys living below the poverty line.

Learn more about the expansion here.