NYPD Drags Naked Grandmother Out of Home

A hashtag from the NYPD requesting pictures of police officers results in images of alleged police brutality.
Credit: Thinkstock

The New York Police Department is in rare form this summer. Another asthmatic citizen has reportedly been manhandled and wrestled to the ground, and it was captured on videotape, according to the New York Daily News.

Denise Stewart, who had just taken a shower and was dressed only in a towel and underwear, was dragged out of her Brooklyn apartment after answering the door to a gang of NYPD policemen.

The cops were responding to a domestic call at Stewart’s building and targeted her home when they heard loud noises coming from her unit. They were not given an apartment number.

When the 47-year-old attempted to close her door after telling the officers they had stopped at the wrong place, they yanked her into the hallway.

For more than two minutes, Stewart was bare-breasted while scuffling with officers as her family members and neighbors looked on. She lost her towel during the fight.

“Oxygen, get my oxygen,” she can be heard yelling on the video.

“Yo, her mother got asthma,” another woman shouted.

In the end, Denise Stewart was charged with assaulting a police officer; her 24-year-old son, Kirkland Stewart, was charged with resisting arrest; and her 12 year-old son was charged with assaulting a police officer, criminal mischief and criminal possession of a weapon.

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