NYPD Beat Handcuffed, Mentally Ill Patient

A hashtag from the NYPD requesting pictures of police officers results in images of alleged police brutality.
Credit: Thinkstock

The NYPD is in hot water for yet another violent incident.

According to the New York Daily News, two Fire Department City of New York EMTs had to bodily intervene to stop cops from reportedly beating a handcuffed, mentally ill patient who was on a stretcher.

The scuffle occurred when the patient spit and cursed at the Emergency Unit Service officers. Then the policemen began punching the man in the face several times.

The officers allegedly threw the patient off of the stretcher to the ground and then back on the stretcher and only stopped beating the man when the EMTs interfered.

The FDNY medical technicians filed a report and turned the officers into the authorities. The incident is currently being investigated by the Internal Affairs Bureau.

The NYPD has been in the center of much controversy within the last month. Medical examiners confirmed Eric Garner’s death was caused by a police chokehold. Additionally, officers have been accused of using that same illegal maneuver on a pregnant woman and were criticized for reportedly dragging a naked grandmother out her apartment.

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