NYC Blames Hurricane Sandy For Missing Murder File

New York City Officials claim that original homicide files that documented a 1992 triple murder case that led to wrongful convictions of two men are missing, the New York Daily News reports.

Anthony Yarbough, 39, served 22 years in prison before he was exonerated by DNA evidence for killing his mother, 12-year-old half-sister and her 12-year-old friend. His lawyers, who are claiming he was framed by detectives in the fatal stabbings, have been trying their best to obtain the file which contains information critical to their suit.

The files were apparently washed away with the waterlogged debris from a flooded police precinct in Coney Island after Hurricane Sandy.

It was rumored that Brooklyn district attorney Mark Hale might have the file, but he revealed to city lawyers that Det. Robert Dewhurst had the documents in his possession. However, Dewhurst denied he knew about the document’s whereabouts.

One of Yarbough’s defense lawyers, Zachary Margulis-Ohunuma, say that they have been trying to get their hands on the homicide file for around seven years.”We have been met with nothing but stalling and obfuscation until now,” he said.

DNA results cleared both Yarbough and Sharif Wilson, who passed shortly after being released from prison. Wilson’s estate is now suing the city and seven detectives.

An NYPD spokesperson for their law department noted that the city has maintained copies of most document related to the probe. Brooklyn Federal Judge Margo Brodie has encouraged both sides to settle the lawsuit.