NY Times Columnist Enraged After Son Stopped by Police

Credit: Thinkstock

New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow is infuriated after his son was allegedly stopped by Yale University police at gunpoint on Saturday, because he was mistaken for a burglar.

The author took to Twitter to vent his frustrations.

“So, my son, a 3rd year chem major at Yale was just accosted — at GUN POINT — by a Yale policeman bc he ‘fit the description’ of a suspect,’” he tweeted. “He was let go when they realized he was a college student and not a criminal.”

During his rant, the civil rights activist referenced Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin by using the hashtags #ICantBreathe and #BlackLivesMatter, and continued with “This is exactly why I have NO PATIENCE for ppl trying to convince me that the fear these young blk men feel isn’t real #RacialBattleFatigue”

When officers detained Blow’s son, Tahj, they were responding to reports from students who claimed an African-American male robber “wearing a black jacket and a red and white hat” had been roaming the campus.

After releasing him, the cops found and arrested the actual suspect, who will be be charged with felony burglaries, according to a released police statement

While Tahj was shaken, Blow is still “fuming.”

He fleshed out the details of the incident in a new column, and stated that the school has since apologized, “but the scars cannot be unmade.”

Read the full essay here.