NY Principal Calls Black Teachers “Gorillas”?

By//Andrea Watson

Well, here we go again. In today’s news, a Queen’s principal allegedly made racist comments and referred to the school’s black employees as “gorillas.”

Several black teachers from Pan American International High School have filed complaints with the Department of Education Office of Equal Opportunity, claiming Principal Minerva Zanca targeted them, the Queens Tribune reports.

There’s even a witness statement from the assistant principal, Anthony Riccardo, who confirms their allegations are true.

So check this out. He’s saying that Zanca called the black teachers “gorillas,” and made comments about their “big lips” and “nappy hair,” WNYC says.

Of course anything involving race leads to protests and petitions, which is exactly what happened. Parents and teachers rallied outside the NYC Department of Education building this past Monday, urging authorities to investigate this situation. Pronto.

The circulating online petition has captured more than 1,000 signatures and wants the principal to be let go. If you want to join the growing numbers, just click HERE.

The school serves only immigrant students who have been in the U.S. less than four years; most are African American. There were only three black teachers. Two were fired, and say their poor performance ratings stemmed from racial discrimination, and the third quit because she felt targeted.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Education, Marge Feinberg, told the Huffington Post that the accusations are being investigated, but wouldn’t share anything additional.