NY Mayor Defends Wife Against Officer’s Comments

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and wife Chirlane McCray

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio responded to offensive remarks made by an NYPD detective on Facebook, the New York Daily News reports.

In the post, Det. Gregory Gordon, referred to de Blasio’s wife, Chirlane McCray, as a “former crack addict.” But de Blasio quickly came to her defense. “I [wouldn’t] say that about any other human being, I don’t care if they wear a uniform or they don’t,” the mayor said. “You shouldn’t say that about someone, especially because it’s not true and it’s just inappropriate…I’m going to say as a human being, what he said about my wife was reprehensible.”

In a series of earlier articles, the Daily News revealed that Gordon shot a Black robbery suspect in 2013 and has been accused of being involved in a 2007 auto accident with a pregnant woman and disregarding her safety.

Gordon’s posts include rants telling Blacks to “get over” slavery and criticizing outgoing NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton for not accepting Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s request to speak at a precinct.

“Explain to me a time when a mayor’s wife has ever been able to weigh in on police related topics every before?” Gordon said in a 2014 social media post.

“Who cares what this former crack addict says!” he added.

After Gordon’s verbal attack, NYPD says he remains on full duty, but de Blasio says he is unaware of Gordon’s current role.

“In terms of the professional issues and how the NYPD looks at it, I don’t know the current status of any outstanding issues or any review, ” de Blasio said.

But reported that he had been transferred out of the precinct where he worked on Staten Island, N.Y. for making the comments.