NIU Frat Members Charged in Serious Hazing Case

By// Brandon Byrd

It seems that hazing among fraternities and sororities is becoming larger issue across the country with more and more reports, and they are not all coming from HBCUs. Over 20 members of Pi Kappa Alpha–a fraternity based on the mission of integrity, intellect and high moral standards–on Northern Illinois University’s campus face felony hazing charges. The charges were filed after a student was found dead at the fraternity’s house after night of drinking, according to Yahoo News.

Reports from the DeKalb Police Department state that on Nov. 12012 19-year-old David Bogenberg participated in an unsanctioned fraternity pledging event. During the incident, students were forced to go to various rooms of the frat house and recite Pi Kappa Alpha information while being forced to drink mass quantities of vodka and various other liquors.  Bogenberg was found unconscious the next morning and later pronounced dead due to cardiac arrhythmia caused by blood alcohol levels that were five times the legal limit to drive.

DeKalb police and prosecutors issued arrest warrants for 22 members of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity.  Five members are charged with felony hazing, while the other 17 members are facing misdemeanor-hazing charges. After finding them in clear violation of the university’s code of conduct, NIU is also handing down punishments to 31 students ranging from community service to expulsion.  Even with growing concerns about hazing on college and university campuses, hazing still remains one of the top crimes among college students across the nation.