No Clear Motive Seen in La. Shooter’s Journal

A journal left behind by the gunman who launched a mass attack in a Louisiana movie theater last summer did not provide a clear motive for the deadly shooting, authorities say.

John Russell Houser fatally wounded two people and injured nine before killing himself on the night of July 23.

Houser’s journal was released by authorities on Wednesday. The hand-written, 40-page journal paid tribute to Charleston shooter Dylan Roof, and described America as a “filth farm.” Authorities believe Houser was mentally unstable.

In 2008, a Georgia judge ordered Houser detained for a mental evaluation after relatives claimed he was a danger to himself and others. But that judge did not have him involuntarily committed.

In 2014, Houser passed a federal background check and legally purchased the .40 caliber handgun he used in the shooting.

Lafayette police said Houser visited the Grand 16 theater, where the shooting took place, several times before executing his plot.

Investigators found wigs and disguises in his motel room, raising the possibility that he had considered making an escape after the shooting.