‘News One Now’ Goes Live

As the 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March approaches, TV One’s News One Now program is taking its broadcast live with an in-depth interview with the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

In an hour-long conversation with News One Now host Roland Martin, Minister Farrakhan will reflect on the Million Man March as well as discuss #BlackLivesMatter, “Justice or Else!”, and Youth Hip Hop Mobilization, prominent movements that are pushing progressive agendas as it relates to the lives of Black people.

“This no-holds barred discussion with Minister Louis Farrakhan will focus on lessons learned – good and bad,” Martin stated in a release sent to JET. “The impetus then was the condition of Black men and the Black family, and 20 years later, we are still dealing with the same issues.”

The in-studio interview airs Thursday, September 10 from 9-10 am ET.

To further commemorate the March, TV One will dedicate a two-hour block of programming on October 9. The broadcasts will premiere The Million Man March Story accompanied by a roundtable discussion.