New Study: Boys Are Going Into Early Puberty Just Like Girls

  By// Brandon Byrd

 A new study from the University of North Carolina finds that young boys are going into puberty between six months to two years earlier than previous generations.  According to NPR, these findings come from a follow up research study done by Marcia Herman-Giddens who researches public health for the university.  After completing the early puberty research on young girls, Giddens then focused her attention on seeing if the same factors that caused early puberty in young girls affected young boys as well.

Researchers are finding links that show modern environment, food products, and obesity are possible causes for children reaching puberty at an earlier age than the past.  Giddens’ study also showed that racial differences are a factor, with African-American boys reaching puberty as early as 9-years-old while Caucasian are reaching it at ages 10 and 11.  These findings have sparked new interest in the scientific and psychological fields, with doctors and researchers now focusing more on how to aid children in dealing with early puberty rather than what is causing this influx of early development.

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