Study: Racial Divide in Zimmerman Verdict

Race is one of the main topics that automatically comes to mind when thinking of the Zimmerman verdict–at least for Blacks it is, according to new data by Pew Research Center.

In a new study conducted earlier this month, Pew surveyed 1,480 people, 18-years-old and older, living in all 50 U.S. states about the controversial not-guilty ruling and the role of race. Researchers found that the nation is split on whether the outcome of the trial focuses too much on race. The division was even more apparent amongst Blacks and Whites.

While 78 percent of Blacks thinks the case raises important issues about race that need to be discussed, only 28 percent of Whites agree. On the other hand, 60 percent of Whites say the subject is getting too much attention, but only 13 percent of Blacks feel the same way.

The questionnaire also breaks down partisan and gender views, where more Republicans than Democrats and more men than women think race isn’t that big of a deal.

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