New Play On Trayvon Martin Examines What Would Have Happened If Roles Were Reversed

The 2012 shooting death of 17-year-old Florida teenager, Trayvon Martin, was the start of the Black Lives Matter Movement. The acquittal of his killer, neighborhood watchman, George Zimmerman, sent the movement into overdrive.

During the trial and even after the verdict, many believed had Martin been the one who got the upperhand and shot Zimmerman, he would have been sentenced to prison by a jury even with regard to the stand your ground laws.

A new play, The Trial of Trayvon Martin, written by Gary Earl Ross, takes on this theory and shows Martin in court with the stand your ground laws as part of his defense. The play is the latest entry in The Subversive Theater Collective’s Black Power Play series. Other plays which have been included in the series was a performance of Othello which featured an all-Black cast.

The play is described as “fresh and relenting.” There’s even a part where Martin says, “I wish I was the one who died. Then maybe I could have got some justice.”

The Trial of Trayvon Martin site will be playing in Buffalo, NY between now and May 6. Ticket info can be found on The Subversive Theater’s .