New Light Shed on Ancestors of Freed Slaves

The Freedmen’s Bureau Project organizers have curated a resourceful platform with their new site.

The new site focuses on making it more possible for the ancestors of freed slaves to discover and learn about their heritage.

Organizers of the project have been in the process of digitizing over four million names – dating back to the 1860s – and creating an easy navigational interface that will make it possible to search backward for name(s), and some personal information such as church affiliation and marital status, of the first institutionally free African American slaves.

“The records serve as a bridge to slavery and freedom,” said genealogy specialist, Hollis Gentry in a public announcement.”You can look at some of the original documents that were created at the time when these people were living. They are the earliest records detailing people who were formerly enslaved. We get a sense of their voice, their dreams.”

The project is slated for a 2016 completion.

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