New App Reports “Sketchy” Neighborhoods

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“Sketchy” is one of those ambiguous words, like “interesting” and “nice,” that contains more than one meaning and interpretation. But two app creators’ interpretation of the word “sketchy” has gotten a lot of outrage thrown their way.

Allison McGuire and Daniel Herrington have constructed SketchFactor, an app that seeks to help people avoid so-called “sketchy” areas.

According to the Huffington Post, that the app’s functionality is best described as a “Yelp-like rating system based on the personal views of Americans,” which can be worrisome because “sketchy” can be defined by people like Theodore Wafer and George Zimmerman.

“We understand that people will see this issue,” McGuire told Crain’s New York. “The app is not built for us as young, White people.”

The app will soon be available for Android and was funded by family and friends.