Isiah Thomas’ WNBA Role Leaves Some Uneasy

Last night, Isiah Thomas was introduced as new president and part-owner of the WNBA’s New York Liberty, but many felt uneasy about this seeing that in the past the new boss has a history of sexual harassment.

During the news conference, Thomas proclaimed his innocence explaining that he has moved on and the past is in the past. However, Thomas was struck with questions pertaining to the jury’s finding that he sexually harassed Anucha Browne, a former Knicks executive, during his last employment in Madison Square Garden.

Many were wondering why Executive Chairman of the Madison Square Garden, James Dolan, would even allow Thomas back into the organization at all.

Thomas made several statements during the news conference.

“I’ve always maintained my innocence, I’ve moved on from that, our organization has moved on from that,” Thomas said of the lawsuit. “I’ve lived my life. If you go and look back the way I’ve lived my life and the people who have dealt with me personally, I’m proud of the way I live my life and I’m proud of the man that I stand here today before you.”

There are still many concerns from the league’s leadership and players union about his history with women and his role with WBNA players.

Thomas’s ownership has yet to be approved by a board, though even if it’s vetoed he’ll still be able to be a team executive.

Looks like things are looking up for Isiah, but down for everyone else.