Bobby Shmurda Headed to 7 Year Lockup

Bobby Shmurda. Photo: Scott Roth / Invision / AP

Just over a month after copping a plea deal on charges of conspiracy and weapons charges, rapper Bobby Shmurda was formally sentenced to seven years in prisonon Wednesday. But he said in court that he didn’t want to take the deal and that he was being forced to accept it.

The “Shmoney Dance”  and “Hot N*gga” rapper, whose real name is Ackquille Pollard, on Friday pleaded guilty to a count of conspiracy and another count of criminal weapons possession. Had he not entered the plea, he would have stood trial on the charges, which could have gotten him 25 years to life. As part of accepting the plea deal, he has waived his right to appeal.

Shmurda, 22, was busted in June 2014 in connection to a gun found at a friend’s apartment. At the time he claimed that it was a prop for a rap video, but prosecutors said that he was the head of a drug gang called GS9 that rolled the streets of Brooklyn, N.Y. He was arrested again in December 2014, a month after the release of his debut “Shmurda She Wrote.” Police say they found 21 guns with Shmurda and his associates, as well as some crack cocaine.

He was accused with several others charged with him of conspiracy to murder members of rival gangs, drug dealing, assault, weapons possession, and other charges. His co-conspirators were sentenced to much more harsh sentences from 53 to 98 years in prison.

At his hearing, Shmurda said that he was being forced to accept a plea deal that he did not want. “I was forced to take this sentence. I don’t want to take this sentence,” he told Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Abraham Clott, according to the New York Daily News. He even tried to depose his counsel before the sentence was imposed. “I want to drop my plea and fire you,” he said to lawyer Alex Spiro. “Why are you telling me to waive my rights? I am not waiving my rights.”

Leslie Pollard, Shmurda’s mother said her son has been mistreated by guards at the New York City jail where he is being held and did not deserve the sentence he got.

“This has been a nightmare,” she told reporters. “It’s like one lie after the other. I think there’s a stereotype with the rap artists today, saying that you all come from the projects, you all come from uneducated families. Not me, I’ve always worked hard to take care of my kids.”