NAACP Opposes New York’s Soda Ban

The NAACP has partnered with the Latino Federation, American Beverage Association, New York Korean-American Grocers Association and the Association of Theater Owners of New York State to file a joint petition to block New York City’s soda ban.

The new law, which may go into effect as early as June, prohibits sugary drinks that contain less than 70 percent fruit juice sold in containers larger than 16 ounces, supermarkets and convenient stores are exempt. Businesses who do not comply will risk a $200 fine.

The NAACP and the organizations, who have rallied behind this petition believe the law is ineffective and will negatively affect minority small-business owners. NAACP New York Conference President Hazel N. Dukes told The Root, “Our position is fairness; we’re not encouraging anyone [toward] sugary drinks. For the last five years, the NAACP has been addressing obesity as an epidemic, but in this state, Mayor Bloomberg and the commissioner of health did not take into consideration economic fairness regarding the mom-and-pop bodegas. They are not touching the grocery stores or national chains like McDonald’s.”