Men allegedly stole Obama campaign money

By// Nick Samuel

The Chicago Tribune reported that Chicago suburbanites Jessie Adams, 36, and Willard Elam, 48, were sent to Cook County Jail on Saturday for allegedly stealing $50,000 in checks from President Barack Obama’s campaign headquarters. Last month, Adams came to Elam with an offer to make some more money, Cook County prosecutors claim.

Prosecutors also said a third man participated in the theft, but did not provide further details of the case and whether or not the third man is being charged.

Adams convinced the other two men to open bank accounts in the name of businesses that work with Obama For America and deposit the campaign checks into those accounts, they allege.

How the men got hold of the checks remains a mystery. None of them worked for the Obama campaign.

Adams, who was charged with organizing a financial criminal enterprise, had his bail set at $100,000. “Elam was ordered held in lieu after he was charged with continuing a financial criminal enterprise. ”