SMH: Bucket List? Teacher Wants to “Kill All Black People”

In the latest, #SMH news, North Carolina teacher, Cynthia Ramsey is under investigation for telling her class that she would kill all Black people, if she had ten days to live.

Ramsey is a math teacher at Camden County High School and while speaking to a student eating lunch in the classroom, she decided to share an item on her “bucket list.” Nearby students heard the exchange and one reported the comments to her mother.

The consequence: Ramsey was suspended without pay.

The slap in the face: She returned to her teaching duties within a couple of days.

Because this incident is considered a personal matter, all findings within the school district’s investigation will be confidential until the case is resolved.

The county sheriff noted that he turned over evidence to the district attorney who will then decide if Ramsey will face deeper punishment that could include an unspecified criminal charge.

If this isn’t blatant racism and another bullet hole in the idea that we are now in a “post-racial” society, then I don’t know what is.

Watch the video report below by WAVY-TV.