Woman Charged with Murder Placed on FBI List


A Milwaukee woman charged in the killing of a pregnant woman and her unborn child have been placed on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list.

Shanika S. Minor, 24, is wanted for the March shooting death of Tamecca Perry, 23, who was nine months pregnant and five days from her due date, the FBI says. Witnesses told police that an argument ensued between Minor and Perry, her mother’s neighbor, over the playing of loud music late at night. Minor allegedly confronted Perry on the sidewalk in front of her home and the argument escalated.

“Apparently Minor believed that the victim had somehow disrespected her or her mother,” said Special Agent Chad Piontek, of the FBI’s Milwaukee Field Office.

Police say Minor took out a firearm and fired a shot into the air as her mother tried to calm her down. She got into her car and left, but the next night she returned to the duplex shared by Perry and her mother and another confrontation began. Her mother again tried to break up the conflict, but she fired her weapon, hitting Perry in the chest. Mortally wounded, she went into her house where she died in front of her children.

Minor fled the scene and has not been seen since.  FBI officials say that she has told acquaintances that she does not intend to turn herself in. Authorities believe that she is being helped to flee by a network of people in various states. “The murder weapon was not recovered, and it is likely she is still armed,” Piontek said. “She killed someone who was not a stranger to her—a family acquaintance.” He added that the reward offer could motivate someone to come forward.

“Our hope is that whoever is assisting her will find the potential reward more attractive than protecting a person wanted for first-degree murder. I don’t think she has a lot of resources on her own,” Piontek said. “Clearly, people have assisted her.”

FBI officials believe that Minor is capable of more violence and is considered armed and extremely dangerous.

People with information concerning Minor should contact the nearest FBI office or local law enforcement agency, or submit a tip online.