At Least 9 Dead in Munich Attack

At least nine people are dead following a shooting rampage executed by three gunmen in Munich, Germany on Friday.

USA TODAY reports the gunmen targeted a shopping mall, wounding several people in the attack. Described as an “acute terrorist situation,” officials say the suspects are still on the run.

“We are categorizing this as a terror attack only in our response of freeing up the largest possible force to handle the situation,” Police spokesman Marcus da Gloria Martins said in a statement. “The suspects are still on the run. Please avoid public places.”

Details of the shooting remain unclear, but witnesses said at least one gunman started firing on people in the mall without warning.

“We were at the bus station opposite McDonald’s outside the Olympia shopping mall and suddenly a man comes out with a gun and starts shooting at everyone,” Spanouli said. “I saw people getting shot. I believe it’s going to be many more dead than what is reported.”

A crisis meeting at the State Chancellery in Munich has been scheduled.

On social media, Germans are using the hashtag #offenetür (open door) to offer shelter to those stuck in public places.