‘Mr. Marcus’ Goes to Jail For Exposing Syphilis

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Adult film star known as “Mr. Marcus” is facing jail time. He was sentenced Tuesday to 30 days for knowingly having exposed at least two female co-stars to syphilis last year.

Via reports:

Mr. Marcus, 42 — whose real name is Jesse Spencer and who was inducted into the Adult Video News Hall of Fame four years ago — was the main figure in a scandal over the spread of the communicable disease that temporarily halted video productions last year.

Spencer, who admitted having altered documents recording the results of mandatory medical tests all porn actors must take, pleaded no contest in Los Angeles Superior Court to knowingly exposing another to a communicable disease. He was also sentenced 36 months’ probation and 15 days of community labor.

The Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office said Spencer got a penicillin shot on July 13 after having tested positive for syphilis. After he tested positive again eight days later, he altered a photocopy of the original test form, it said.

Spencer filmed two videos later in July. The women, who appeared in the videos, noticed that the form had been tampered with and turned him into authorities. They tested negative for the disease, according to the city attorney’s office.

The positive in this, relatively speaking, is that syphilis is curable. But Mr. Marcus is despicable for that behavior and should get more than 30 days.

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