Mother of Ludacris’ Daughter Starts GoFundMe

The mother of Ludacris’ 16-month-old daughter Cai Bridges has started a GoFundMe campaign after being denied a new custody trial for her daughter.

Tamika Fuller is seeking $7,000 to “Bring [her daughter] Tink Home” and to fund a nonprofit for low income mothers.

On April 9, a judge denied Fuller’s motion for a new trial to regain custody of Cai.

Fuller has also appealed the judge’s decision.

“My experience in the Atlanta court system fighting for custody of my daughter has almost destroyed me, but I won’t let that happen,” Fuller wrote on her GoFundMe page. “I also never want another woman to feel as alone and hunted as I’ve felt throughout this process, so I am starting a foundation for mothers who are in similar situations. I want to provide support for women who are pregnant and aren’t getting any help from the father of their child. I also plan to provide resources that will educate women on how to have a safe and healthy pregnancy while under seemingly insurmountable stress.”

So far $665 of the $7,000 goal has been raised.