#More4Bmore Seeks to Combat Media Stereotypes

In an effort to combat negative stereotypes of what’s happening in Baltimore, a new campaign is asking all creatives, leaders, doers, techies, writers, educators, problem solvers and anyone who wants to get involved to step up.

#More4Bmore seeks to call attention to the happenings that are not being portrayed in mainstream media.

From the campaign’s website:

We know that there are citizens who care and contribute daily to make our city special. Our City, and especially our youth, need us to stand up!

What I am looking for are ideas, suggestions and people who want to take this conversation to the next level and make some real progress.

If you’d like to be contacted, leave your information and Twitter handle in the fields below so I can reach out to you.

Our city is in pain! With positive intent, creative ideas, technology usage and clarity of thought we can reach the youth who are frustrated, need hope and are BEGGING for us to give them access!

Lets do #More4Bmore

To learn more about the campaign, click here.