Montel Williams Demands Support for Veterans

Though The Montel Williams Show is no longer on air, that hasn’t kept its former host Montel Williams from speaking up.

In light of the Veterans Affairs scandal, Williams, who is also a Marine veteran and retired naval officer, publicly shared his outrage on America’s apathy with veterans’ rights to HuffPost Live.

“We’re all caught up in politics,” Williams told HuffPost. “[The soldiers are] thinking about doing a job that they put their hand up to and said, ‘I solemnly swear and affirm that I will defend the the constitution of the United States.’ That’s what’s in their hearts.”

Williams emphasized that former soldiers die “twenty a day, like a ticking clock.”

As the Fourth of July, “a celebration that they are having based on the lives of people who protected them” nears, Williams urged Congress and regular people alike to support our veterans.

Read the full segment here and watch the HuffPost Live segment below: