Mom Suing Schools for Racial Discrimination

Credit: Thinkstock

A Tennessee mom is suing her daughter’s former school system, saying the school they didn’t do enough to stop the verbal abuse her daughter faced.

Wanda Rice is suing the Sumner County Schools, arguing her daughter Shannon was a victim to being taunted, shoved and insulted by her fellow Hendersonville High School  teammates because she was black, according to News Channel 5.

Rice was scheduled to file a lawsuit on Tuesday saying that Shannon was called the N-word multiple times. The teammates also often teased her, joking that the locker rooms “smelled like black people” when either Shannon or another black teammate was present.

The coaches allegedly sometimes laughed along with the students when they heard the mocking.

Rice was told that an investigation would be started after she filed a complaint letter to the Director of Sumner County schools in February, but “that was last she’s heard of it.”

This is the second discrimination case involving the Hendersonville High School girls’ basketball team. The school has yet to comment on the lawsuit.

“My daughter is recounting a story of where she had to endure her teammates — who are supposed to be a family,” Wanda told News Channel 5. “They say ‘we’re like a family,’ well, family doesn’t do that to you.”

Shannon is now being home schooled.