MLK’s Niece Alveda King Gets Fox News Gig

Outspoken conservative Alveda King, niece of slain civil rights icon, Martin Luther King Jr., is joining the staff of Fox News.

In a press release Fox News head Roger Ailes called King, “a source of inspiration for many Americans,” adding that “Her passion and mission for social change will be a valuable contribution to our network.”

King, 64, has called abortion to racism “twin evils” and famously opened for prominent conservative Glenn Beck during his “Restoring Honor” rally in Washington, D.C. in 2010. She’s prominently anti-gay rights, anti-abortion and anti-divorce. She’s already contributed to Fox News in the past, but now she will join the network as a regular giving commentary during Fox’s daytime and prime-time programming.

Political analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson had this to say about King when she spoke for Beck back in 2010:

Alveda King has been on the campaign circuit for more than a decade pushing a discriminatory, anti-gay marriage, anti-abortion, hard right family values message. In 1998, she barnstormed the country speaking at rallies against gay rights legislation. Alveda wasn’t the only King family member to stump for a hard right agenda in opposition to abortion and gay rights. Her cousin, Bernice KingMLK’s daughter, has preached the hell and damnation line against what she considers heathens. In her view, that’s liberals, progressives, feminists, gay rights advocates, and modern day civil rights leaders. In case anyone missed the King family connection, her group was named “King for America.”

Gay rights groups everywhere countered King’s “repent and save yourself” message to gays by citing public statements by King’s widow, Coretta Scott King, in which she said that her husband would be a champion of gay rights if he were alive.