Martin Luther King, Jr. Remembered [Photos]

In this day and age, with racial tensions are on high alert, here at we can’t help but to look back upon and fondly remember the service of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

This valiant leader, who laid the groundwork for movements such as BlackLivesMatter, continues to loom large in our thoughts and hearts.  Here are some photos and classic JET covers obtained by the Johnson Publishing Staff, commemorating the life and legacy of this great civil rights activist:

Alabama's Modern Moses



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  • Charles Turner

    A Tribute To A King

    (Dedicated to the memory of the late Dr. Martin Luther King , Jr.)

    By: Charles G. Turner, Sr.

    Today we pay tribute to a man who believed in justice, and integration

    And that one day we might live as one in our great nation

    He spoke loud and clear to us as he said “let freedom ring”

    With this in mind I wrote the poem entitled “A Tribute to a King”

    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was his name

    And to his family and our nation he had a special claim

    He was an ambassador for equality and peace

    He believed in achieving these through non-violence to say the least.

    In his struggles he spoke out, marched, and stood many obstacles to prevail

    He was even stabbed, jailed, and ridiculed by those of evil will

    Through it all he did not give up, he took it all steadfast and still

    He had a dream that one day we would be equal in this American land

    And no matter what color or race we all would walk together hand in hand

    He was a visionary by his own right

    By never giving up and continuing to fight

    For justice, freedom, equality, and the things that were right

    He believed that one day “we shall overcome”

    And be able to look back on where we came from

    Let us keep the dream alive

    And take it in full force by continuing to strive

    In our world today may we let freedom ring

    And together as one let our voices cling

    As we come together to pay tribute to “Dr. Martin Luther King”