Mizzou Would Be Alone With 10% Black Faculty

The University of Missouri would be the only predominantly white public institution to have at least 10 percent of its faculty be Black.

That’s IF the institution succeeds in meeting a student demand for a faculty that’s 10 percent Black in two years, Associated Press reports.

No flagship public university campus has ever had a Black faculty population approach that level. Only a handful topped the 5 percent mark.

Normally, most of the main campuses housed a Black faculty that ranged between 2 and 4 percent, an AP analysis of 2013 federal data showed.

Staff and student bodies at predominantly white institutions often do not match, and demonstrations and discussions around the country recently have amplified the point.

University of Massachusetts Senior Vice Provost John McCarthy said students made clear the need for change.

“It was the biggest auditorium we have and undergraduates of color were standing up and talking about the fact that they need to see more faculty of color in the classroom, they need to see more faculty that look like them, they need to see faculty who are more familiar with their experiences as students of color,” McCarthy said.