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Mitt Romney Loses Facebook “Likes”

By// Mariah Craddick 

While President Obama recently made social media history by having the most retweeted photo ever on Twitter, his former presidential candidate opponent, Mitt Romney, isn’t having as much luck on the Web.

In fact, the website has tracked just how many Facebook “likes” Romney has lost since election day. Visitors to the site can see the numbers drop with graphs and charts that update in real time.

While Romney still has over 12 million Facebook fans, Mashable found that users have been unliking his page at a rate of 847 an hour. On the contrary, he has gained 17,601 followers on Twitter since his loss.

At the time of this article posting, Romney’s likes were down to 12,010,545 people. You can check out to see where the count is now.

Why do you think Romney’s Facebook “likes” are dropping but his Twitter followers are increasing? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.