Mistrial for Former Police Chief Who Killed Black Father

How many times do we have to remind our society that Black lives matter?

In a disturbing turn,the case of a white former police chief charged with murdering an unarmed Black man has ended in a mistrial.

According to USA Today, Judge Edgar Dickson made this call on Tuesday after the jury expressed that it was deadlocked on a case in which Richard Combs, police authority in a small town, shot and killed 53-year-old Bernard Bailey in May 2011.

If you want to talk delayed justice, Combs wasn’t even charged with the murder until last month.  If you want to get even more outraged, during deliberations, there was apparently a question for the judge and it was about the score of the National Championship football game.

The incident occurred over a broken taillight ticket, according to USA Today, which recounted that Bailey and Combs argued over a citation being issued to Bailey’s daughter, Briana.  Bailey came to the scene, at his daughter’s behest, and while Combs claims that the woman’s father was “aggressive,” prosecutors showed the court dash cam video that depicted Bailey being calm and polite.

As USA Today points out, Combs was finally indicted on Dec. 3, the same day that Eric Garner’s family learned that a New York Grand Jury would not indict an officer in the chokehold case that set the nation aflame and continues to fuel #Blacklivesmatter.

Read the full, heartbreaking story HERE.