Missouri Lt. Gov: DOJ More Racist Than Ferguson

Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder (R) claimed that the Justice Department is filled with “radical, hard-left radical, leftists lawyers” and that it has more issues with racism than the St. Louis area.

In an interview with right wing news site NewsMaxTV, Kinder railed against President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, accusing them of being “obsessed” with race.

“There is more racism in the Justice Department than anywhere I see in the St. Louis area,” he said. “We’ve come an enormous way in 50 years, that’s not to say that we don’t have still more to do. It is the left, it is the Eric Holder and the Obama left and their minions that are obsessed with race while the rest of us are moving on beyond it.”

Kinder blamed the president and the Justice Department for inflaming protesters, with Kinder believing that the protests were primarily about whether or not Michael Brown, who was killed by a Ferguson police officer, had his hands up. Kinder, essentially ignored the fact that the DOJ report showed a long history of racial targeting by the police and that the Michael Brown shooting was a tipping point over a much larger issue.

Instead, Kinder blamed the messenger — in this case the Department of Justice — claiming its staffers have “spent most of their careers defending Black Panthers and other violent radicals.”

“The whole blow up of this protest movement was based on the lie that never happened of ‘hands up don’t shoot,’” Peter Kinder, the Lt. governor told NewsMaxTV’s Steve Malzberg Show Monday. “But it’s bad enough the protesters were behaving that way but we have a right to expect more from the attorney general, the head of the Justice Department of the United States, and the president of the United States. And instead what we got too often from them was incitement of the mob, and, uh, encouraging disorder in Ferguson and distributing the peaceable going-about of our lives in the greater St. Louis region.”

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